Village People
  • Village People
  • at Muze
  • Saturday, October 26th 2019
  •   8:00pm

Village People

Village People is the greatest Disco group in the world. Their music is part of the international songbook. The debut album, released in 1977, featured the hit singles "San Francisco (You Got Me)" and "In Hollywood (Everybody's A Star)."

Village People at that time however was simply Victor Willis with use of session singers. Eventually a group of guys were assembled around him to perform on American Bandstand. Thus began the creation of Village People. 

The guys were soon an international phenomenon with release of the second album titled Macho Man, once again recorded by Victor Willis with use of session singers. Auditions were held for performers to join Victor however prior to the release of the Macho Man album and many answered the call. Village People were finally a bona fide group. 

Next was the five-time platinum album Cruisin which featured the blockbuster hit Y.M.C.A., Macho Man, Go West, In the Navy, Magic Night and Milk Shake. With Victors departure, the hit era of Village People was over, and so was the Disco genre in general. The group soon disbanded.

Standing room only show. No seats available. Strobe lights, lighting effects, and theatrical fog may be in use in Muze Lounge during musical concerts.  If you have health or physical problems that could be affected by strobe lighting, lighting effects, of theatrical fog, including but not limited to photosensitive epilepsy, asthma or breathing problems, you should not enter the Muze Lounge. For additional information please call 1.877.GO.ilani.