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Robert Henry Band
  • Robert Henry Band

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  • Saturday, February 15th 2020
  •   9:00pm

Robert Henry Band

Robert is a student of traditional Country music and the stories it tells. He has a deep respect for the great artists that came before him and a desire to preserve this uniquely American art form. He loves God, his family and friends, and the military. Sundays are spent fishing, watching some football, eating his mom’s cooking, and singing on the front porch with his brothers and sister. 

Standing room only show. No seats available. Strobe lights, lighting effects, and theatrical fog may be in use in Muze Lounge during musical concerts.  If you have health or physical problems that could be affected by strobe lighting, lighting effects, of theatrical fog, including but not limited to photosensitive epilepsy, asthma or breathing problems, you should not enter the Muze Lounge. For additional information please call 1.877.GO.ilani.