Jane Doe at Line & Lure

Jane Doe

at Line & Lure

Thursday, July 25th 2024


Jane Doe with Ellen Whyte, Sonny Hess and Kelly Pierce.

Jane Doe, embodies the dynamic fusion of seasoned performers in the Pacific Northwest. Sonny "Smokin'" Hess, a decorated lead guitarist, vocalist, and producer of The Northwest Women in Blues shows for 25 years, joins forces with Ellen Whyte, an acclaimed acoustic rhythm guitarist and vocalist inducted into the 2015 Oregon Music Hall of Fame and the 2006 Cascade Blues Association Hall Of Fame. Completing the ensemble, Kelly Pierce, the drummer, infuses each performance with unparalleled emotion and dynamics, earning his place as the ace up their sleeves. Praised for their seamless blend of original compositions and captivating vocal harmonies, Jane Doe delivers an unforgettable musical experience.