Môi Chạm Môi at Cowlitz Ballroom

Môi Chạm Môi

at Cowlitz Ballroom

Sunday, May 26th 2024


Tickets: $25 | On-Sale: Now
This is a 21+ show.

Enjoy a spectacular music program featuring the most popular singers today, including Myra Trấn, Lương Bích Hữu Đến Từ Vn, Khang Viêt, Khải Dăng, Don Ho, Chế Linh and Thanh Tuyến. Hosted by Huynh Gia Tuan with D.J. Summer Huynh, Môi Chạm Môi is a variety show that promises to bring you a sparkling and spectacular night of music.


Please Note

All Cowlitz Ballroom shows are subject to rescheduling and cancellation as necessary.

Strobe lights, lighting effects, and theatrical fog may be in use in Cowlitz Ballroom during musical concerts.  If you have health or physical problems that could be affected by strobe lighting, lighting effects, or theatrical fog, including but not limited to photosensitive epilepsy, asthma or breathing problems, you should not enter Cowlitz Ballroom.