ilani Wine & Food Fest Rules & Regulations

The Grand Tasting ticket allows the attendee to select from the Grand Tasting show offerings of 1-2oz sample sizes of wine, beer & spirits. Guests will receive hole-punch cards for an allotted amount of tastings and there are no additional tasting fees needed. Food tastings will be sold separately on-site. In accordance with Washington State law, only guests age 21 or older may enter the alcohol service areas at the ilani Wine & Food Festival. Guests to have valid IDs showing date of birth, signature (except military ID’s), photograph of bearer, and expiration date. If any information on the ID is missing or obscured for any reason, it is invalid. Permanent resident cards and ID cards issued by US Territories do not fall under the categories above and are not considered valid. The Grand Tasting is a wine "tasting" event to "taste" the palate and is purely intended for entertainment purposes.  This is a sampling structured event to sip, sample and spit responsibly. ilani reserves the right to refuse service to any person it deems to be intoxicated. Please do not drink and drive. If you need transportation, use a designated driver, ride share service or a taxi service. ilani wine and food fest does not advocate or encourage the abuse or over consumption of alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly and in moderation. No smoking is allowed in ilani's Meeting and Entertainment Center.