Skid Row
  • Skid Row

  • at 

    Muze Lounge

  • Friday, October 7th 2022
  •   8:00pm

Skid Row

Remember that first time you heard Skid Row?

“Youth Gone Wild” was on MTV. “18 and Life” was a summertime hit single and the band was on the covers of Hit Parader, Circus, and Metal Edge magazines. That exhilarating sound of being young was everywhere. We saw and heard ourselves in the band and rallied around their oversized choruses of camaraderie and rebellion.

It's cliché to say that a band has all their lives to write a first album. The truth is that they spend the rest of their lives trying to understand how they did it. The Gang's All Here is the octane of an attitude that's been festering since the band formed in 1986. Producer Nick Raskulinecz lit a creative wildfire by challenging them to deconstruct good ideas and rebuild them into something even better. Something timeless. He became the arbiter of their legacy, daring them to revert to instinct and be the same rambunctious kids who made their first two albums.

From songwriting to performances, the whole band agrees that the ten tracks on The Gang's All Here are some of their best songs — ever. There's also a noticeable connectedness in the songs that often gets lost in the technology of making music. “There's a thing Snake and I did together — October's Song — that we played a double lead at the end. It's real cool, and it was really fun to do. He stood on the left side of the room, I stood on the right, and we played together. That's how it needs to be done, and not a lot of people are doing that these days.”

The gang's all here — you, the band, and the attitude of being forever wild and young at heart. The Gang's All Here will rekindle everything you felt that first time hearing this band. It's like the first time you heard Skid Row, all over again.

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