CJ Mickens
  • CJ Mickens

  • Saturday, December 31st 2022
  •   5:00pm

CJ Mickens at Muze

Las Vegas, NV native CJ Mickens attended Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. It was there he discovered his true passion for creating good music. Growing up in a family grounded in the church, he began to sing and perform on a weekly basis. At an early age he's had the opportunities to sing in various parts of the country and overseas. His solo pursuit began at age 15 after moving to the Pacific Northwest. He then got involved with the NAACP ACTSO Music Program winning Gold Medal 3 years in a row advancing to New York, Baltimore, and New Orleans. During his senior year of HS he had an opportunity to work with a Christian record label which eventually moved him to Nashville. After recording demos, record label bankruptcy and pitching to multiple managers his opportunities began to fade, moving him back home to the Pacific Northwest. In 2002, CJ Mickens had the opportunity to appear on Season 2 of American Idol, followed by Showtime at the Apollo in 2004. In 2012, he was announced the winner of Portland Idol, starred in his own show Sunday Night Soul and won a national award with his acappella group Rezonate at the Pacific Northwest Harmony Sweepstakes.