The Worlds Ultimate Elvis featuring Justin Shandor
  • The Worlds Ultimate Elvis featuring Justin Shandor
  • at Muze
  • Saturday, January 6th 2018
  •   8:00pm

The Worlds Ultimate Elvis featuring Justin Shandor

Since the passing of the King more than 36 years ago, there has never been a tribute artist that has so captivated the look, moves and especially the sound of the King more than Justin Shandor. According to the Jordanares, (Elvis's original background singers, which Justin has performed with on several occasions), Justin has the raw talent that shot Elvis to the top. His likeness to the King is so close that at one time Graceland emailed a casino where Justin was performing and told them they could not use a real picture of Elvis to advertise their event. It was a picture of Justin!

In August of 2010, Elvis Presley Enterprises held a contest in Memphis and invited the top Elvis tribute artists from around the world. Justin came in first place and Graceland named him the "World's Ultimate Elvis!" He is the only Elvis Tribute artist to make the front page of USA Today and was recently featured in an issue of French Vogue magazine.

Justin is an international sensation having performed in England, Australia, Malaysia, the Fiji islands and several tours to Canada and Sweden. At the end of August, Justin performed three consecutive shows for over 15,000 people in Santiago, Chile and headlined in Collingwood, Canada, performing for over 25,000 people.

Justin's voice is so strong that, at a recent show at the Las Vegas Hilton (where Elvis Presley performed), Justin was approached by one of the members of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet who said that Justin has the best voice of any Elvis performer he had ever heard in his life. On that same night, in Las Vegas, Justin won the prestigious "Heart of the King Award" given to him because of his extreme likeness to Elvis. In addition to all of his awards, in September, Justin also won "Best Elvis Impersonator of the Year"!

There are thousands of Elvis fans all over the world that honestly feel that Justin is the closest Elvis tribute artist that they have ever seen. His voice is so strong that he was asked to sing a song written for Elvis over forty years ago by one of Elvis's writers - Micheal Jarrett ("I'm Leaving"). Justin just made his first CD featuring songs of his original recordings plus Micheal Jarrett's new song. 

In the last two years, Justin and his manager have created the World's Ultimate Elvis Band made up of horns, gospel singers, strings and a rhythm section that has cloned the music of Elvis's 70's show. The response of Elvis fans has been overwhelming; women crying, standing ovations in the middle and end of songs and rave reviews from the media. Our goal is simple - to create the best Elvis show in the world!

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