Joe Stoddard
  • Joe Stoddard
  • at Line & Lure
  • Friday, April 19th 2019
  •   6:00pm

Joe Stoddard at Line & Lure

Most entertainers write these corny biographies themselves. They search desperately back in time, exaggerating their accomplishments in an effort to convince us that they are talented.

Personally, I refuse to draw attention to the fact that I have worked with such greats as:  The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Rich Little.

My having performed with people like: Loretta Lynn, Pat Boone, Jim Stafford, Mickey Gilley, Jan & Dean and many, many others is unnecessary information and need not be considered.

What possible good would come from my bragging about the fact that I have been performing for more than twenty years at literally hundreds of functions, including, but not limited to Conventions, Dinner Shows, Comedy clubs, Colleges, State and County Fairs, Festivals, Ski Resorts, Cruise Ships and every other type of engagement you could possibly imagine!